A fictional documentary set in 2034 depicting a world in which London has devolved into 14 ‘Unified Reformed Boroughs’.

The vote for Scottish independence in 2014 was the catalyst that started a wave of devolution that gripped British politics for the next 20 years. In exchange for accepting their portion of UK debt, Scotland took control over her vast oil and gas reserves. Resource rich and politically energised, independent Scotland entered her biggest economic boom since the industrial revolution.

The shock of the Scottish vote electrified the Kingdom-Once- United to respond. Following the regional devolution of the UK in 2019, which saw London gain its own independence, a series of celebrity mayors changes the political landscape of the Capital forever. Politics and media had become one and the same.

After first being mooted by John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, in 2013, ‘Government 2.0’ is eventually rolled out in 2024. The increased accessibility of personal data, made possible through the ubiquity of social media and the semantic web, has made targeted spending on both public and private sector services appear both efficient and economical. Widespread implementation masquerades as ultimate democracy - a governance through participation.

London’s regional characteristics are consequently exacerbated, until it slowly becomes a parody of itself. In 2034, this leads to secondary devolution of the Capital into the 14 constituencies of the London Assembly, now known as the ‘Unified Reformed Boroughs’.