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Christies London  X  The New Craftsmen



As part of the First Open, South Kensington, Post-War and Contemporary Art auction, Christie’s collaborated with The New Craftsmen and Southern Guild to present Contemporary Living: Art, Craft & Design. This exhibition showcased the work of a diverse group of contemporary artists, designers and craftsmen, including Pablo Bronstein, Hugo McCloud, Dan Rees and Richard Aldrich with design pieces by makers such as Sebastian Cox, Georgia Kembell, Edmond Byrne, Charles Haupt, Porky Hefer, Dokter & Misses and David Krynauw.

The exhibition design of Contemporary Living: Art, Craft & Design evolved across four-days through a series of interventions, generating new visual vignettes and creating an experience that encourages the audience to make connections and discover each object anew. At the heart of the exhibition was the ‘Patron’s House’, an installation and scale model of the space and the works in the auction. Visitors to the show were invited to ‘play’ with the arrangement, creating their own narratives and spaces. The visual concept for the Patron’s House was a collaboration with The New Craftsmen.

As part of the events schedule taking place over the duration of the exhibition, Studio Ulanowski was invited by The New Craftsmen to gave a talk on the connection between architectural design and young collectors developing a sense of individual style in their collections crossing art, furniture, and objects.

Christies_Show 1
Christies_Show 1
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